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Survive Cancer now what

CANCER TREATMENT IS DONE, NOW WHAT?  CANCER TREATMENT PARADIGM Usually, before cancer diagnosis is completely absorbed or understood, treatment decision must be made in a timely manner. Some cancer treatment is more urgent (base of tongue cancer, GBM brain cancer, etc., ) versus other cancer (such as low risk prostate cancer).  Regardless of the cancer type, once treatment begins, it tends to be very involved – Surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation therapy,… Read More

Cancer treatment decisions are tough, but you can be an active part of it. Learn how…

Cancer and COVID-19: The Dreaded Diagnosis In the last blog, we tackled the question of, “what if cancer is suspected?” during the COVID-19 pandemic. We looked at various ways to get the desperately needed answers to that questions.  In this blog we will address the 2nd category, Cancer Diagnosis, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cancer suspected Cancer diagnosed After cancer treatment For many who suspected cancer, they may be told, “I’m glad to… Read More