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Teaching is my passion. Since 2004 I have mentored teenagers, taught about cancer basics to lay-persons, church members, medical students, residents and non-oncology medical staff. Yes, of course, patients too. You can learn as well – It’s been Simplified!


Greetings and thank you for stopping by! I am a board certified Oncologist (Cancer Doctor) who, like many of my colleagues, take fighting cancer very, very seriously. It is my strongest belief that patients are more likely to make the best decision regarding cancer treatments, if they understand the basics of cancer. This is an area where much work needs to be done ...

My heart for serving began in my childhood days, growing up in Jamaica. After high school was completed, migrating to the USA was next in my sights. Shortly thereafter Enlisting in the military (good ‘ole days;) was one of my best decision and attending the US Military Academy Preparatory school was a bonus. Using the GI Bill as a cushion, track scholarship, etc., a B.S. in Biochemistry was accomplished debt free, after which my service as an Officer ensued along with Medical School as well.  Much of my introductory work was done while serving on church’s Health Ministry in Chicago and later in San Antonio, TX  and the Washington DC area.  I am blessed to have accomplished all that I have… read more about me HERE


My blogging began in 2012 and was a platform to promote advocacy, cancer education and cancer awareness with a much greater reach.  As such, partnering with Questions 4 Cancer Doctors was natural path given their educational focus. These blogs will be an added value benefit to cover the other cancers for which packages may not be readily available. Our Forum for Women Cancer Survivors is also an exciting addition. I hope you will become a part of our family. Again, thank you for stopping by and God’s speed on your journey!

Remember …

Ipsa Scientia Potestas est    ———  Knowledge itself is power!

Queen, Your Family Friendly Cancer Doc!



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