Cancer and COVID

The Stress of Suspected Cancer During COVID

So, as most of you already know, I work in the cancer field. I live and breathe taking care of patients diagnosed with cancer. I have treated patients who are immunocompromised, patients with varying disabilities, patients who are incarcerated, pediatric patients, geriatric patients … patients from various walks of life. But the emails I have been receiving lately is in a new category.  Now, more than ever before, they are steeped in fear of COVID and how it will affect cancer diagnosis and treatments, if at all.  Even when cancer is only suspected – the fear expressed is real and almost tangible. 

The Reality

Stepping back from the trees and looking at the forest, not much has truly changed. The battle being fought is against cancer. The fear remains the same – the fear of pain, death and dying. COVID introduces another player in the chess game of life that may cause their fears to be realized – or so many think – sooner. So, what then.

Symptoms during COVID – What is it?

If a lump is felt in your breast, or coughing up blood, or blood in your stool, or feeling of lump in your chest with pain swallowing, or unintentional weight loss, or any other abnormal symptoms, what should you do? Do not stay home and not seek care in fear of COVID. Psychological paralysis due to fear, will not benefit you, or those whom you love. Those on the front line are still taking care of patients. We will take care of you. The unknown will always be there. Lets find out the facts about what is causing your symptoms. 

Come. We will evaluate you.

Come. We will diagnose and discuss your treatment options (may be it is NOT cancer)

Come. If it is Cancer, let us discuss treatment options…  cancer treatment continues even in the midst of COVID

What about COVID? Many hospitals and clinics are following the CDC guidelines and the necessary monitoring will be done. Remember, not knowing, will not change your symptoms… and in most cases, it will only get worse. Step out in faith… come.  

Cancer Suspected during COVID-19 pandemic

Knowing whether there is a cancer diagnosis hanging in the balance during the COVID-19 pandemic is important to everyone, but we know, especially important to you. The medical staff understand the weight in the balance and how anxiety producing the situation can become. Seeking reassurance from family and friends who are aware of the pending results, can also be helpful. Continue to hope and pray … the results are just around the corner.

You are never alone!

If the basics of radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other terminology used in cancer discussion is unfamiliar to you, consider the Cancer 101 course to learn more.   You may register for the FREE course HERE and test your cancer knowledge HERE 

Life is beautiful and God is awesome. And know, you are pure awesomeness!

Until next time,


Remember …

Ipsa Scientia Potestas est    ———  Knowledge itself is power!

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