Dealing with Cancer Diagnosis During the Holiday Season (or Even COVID-19)

I survived



These series of post review the initial journey of patients who are newly diagnosed with cancer and journey they, or their love ones, must travel.

Bad news is bad news…plain and simple. But I am sure some would agree that receiving bad news during a season of festivity, somehow magnifies how “bad” the situation may be.  Per request and with permission, the following is being shared

Holiday Season Cancer diagnosis

“It is December and my daughter’s 12th Birthday is fast approaching. However, we were just informed that my little angel has Cancer. So instead of Birthday, Christmas and New Year celebrations, I am busy researching the type of Cancer, types of treatment, best doctors to see, how to navigate the system of health care, and on and on.  Before this, I rarely paid attention to the medical field, except for the usual minor sickness and annual physical exams.  How can I help my Child? This should be an exciting time of her life. I begin to eat, sleep, and exist for the HOPE of my little angel. It devoured everything I did… and maintaining “regular hours” at my job, became increasingly difficult.

My daughter needs me. In the spiral of confusion and chaos of the medical jargon, distrust, cost, and emotional drain, I pulled away from my well-meaning family, friends and associates. Feeling alone and desperate for an answer, to save my child from all the surgeries, and pain, life changes and difficulties I know this will bring, I dug deep for inner strength…to get out of the bed one more day…just one more step…just for her. This is not fair. But…something good will come of all this … it must.”

Sad at christmasSuch is the story and pain relayed to me by a mother who was 1 year out from her daughter’s initial cancer diagnosis. They celebrated her 13th Birthday, and I’m certain many more since this initial blog several years ago. As it is with most traumatic experiences, she has learned a lot … and is willing to share on the process with the others. That will indeed be a blessing to many. Her daughter continues to handle the “changes” quite well…

I share this encounter in hopes of offering a different outlook/appreciation, should you know someone facing something similar during any season… even if it’s during this scary COVID-19 times. And if it is you, hopefully this grant permission for you to be kinder and gentler with yourself. Some of you may know Talia’s story…if not see my previous Blogs, or you may learn about her below…

As a physician, my modus operandi (method of operation) is always to help, to offer assistance, to be a part of the healing process, to try and fix things. I have learned over the past decade, sometimes just listening with a compassionate ear, is a much bigger part of the healing process…bigger than I could have ever imagined.


Remember …

Ipsa Scientia Potestas est    ———  Knowledge itself is power!

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